Premier Mining Products

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Premier Mining Products is comprised of a group of professionals sharing a well-established track record in the mining and exploration supply industries. Each member of the Premier team has been chosen for their expertise in a specific field, a focused approach which maximizes quality and value where it counts: in the finished product.

Our Product Focus:

Diamond tools designed to provide high productivity to the professional driller. The products are made with an innovative and unique process which emphasizes reproducibility, control and the ability to use novel materials.

Drill rods compatible with industry standard drill rod threads, made to exacting standards. In-house dedicated heat treatment process provides close control of microstructure and hardness.

Core barrel components fully compatible with the industry’s most widely used systems. Emphasis on quality throughout the machining and, where applicable, heat treatment processes, ensuring perfect fit and trouble-free service. Premier recognizes that, for parts which have become commodities, it is important to offer a high standard of quality for a reasonable price.

Our Mission: To provide innovative mining products that boost our customer's performance and overall return in the mineral exploration industry.

Premier is based on bringing value to the customer. When using the word “innovate” we cover both the technical performance and the cost component. The cost component is dealt with at all times through new ways of production and design. Our performance in the eyes of our customers will be the deciding factor for our future existence.

We are always looking to grow and invest in our employees. We hire motivated and experienced workers to assist us in our manufacturing and look for employees with experience in CNC machine tools, robotics, welding, heat treatment equipment, and manual equipment.

Applications may be submitted by:

Mail: Premier 400A Kirkpatrick Street, North Bay, Ontario P1B 8G5
Fax: (705)-474-9595