Premier Mining Products

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Premier manufactures and supplies the full range of equipment and tooling for the coring operation, and while the focus is on the major components of drill rods, core barrels and diamond products, we recognize the importance of other essentials to get the job done.

Hoisting plugs, water swivels and adapter subs are critical lifting devices and their threads have to be an exact match to the drill rods. Many drill strings have been ruined or prematurely retired because of the use of an ill-fitting adapter device. As Premier is a first class manufacturer of drill rods, we are in a prime position to use the same precision equipment and tooling to machine threads on adapters and subs.

In the same way, wrenches are designed to perfectly fit the corresponding tubular part which has been refined and engineered in-house. Premier is the ideal partner to supply the complete range of tooling for your coring operation.