Premier Mining Products

Wireline Drill Rods

Premier’s range of wireline drill rods benefits from the combined know-how of a team of seasoned specialists, paying detailed attention to every aspect of design, raw material selection, metallurgy and production.

The most important attribute of drill rod is absolute consistency, providing the professional driller with reliability and predictable performance in the most testing field conditions. To accomplish this, Premier has its own automated heat treatment cell, designed beyond the state of the art that existed until now in the industry.

Seamless raw material, manufactured in compliance with Premier’s individual specification, is sourced from carefully selected and vetted suppliers. Every incoming tube is automatically checked for straightness in accordance with strict criteria.

Hardness and metallurgical properties in the threaded zones are controlled within close limits by the application of sophisticated controls in the induction heating process. After heat treatment and machining, the finished rod is automatically checked once more for straightness and internal cleanliness, before being lubricated and individually capped prior to bundling.


Premier produces and supplies casing in all standard DCDMA designations. Although casing is not subject to the same stresses as drill rod, the same care in design, manufacturing and quality assurance disciplines are applied at Premier for all our tubular products.

Because of the wide range of application requirements that might be expected of casing products, Premier offers a range of raw material to reflect the cost and duty expectations that the customer might have.