Premier Mining Products

Premier core barrels are compatible with the latched wireline system in most common use around the world. While these systems have been widely adopted and copied, it is clear that not all suppliers understand the true function of the components or their interaction in the whole assembly. This can lead to unreliable operation, loss of some important functions and ultimately reduced productivity.

Premier has re-examined every component in detail, sized and toleranced with regard to the role and position in the assembly, and then selected materials, manufacturing methods and treatments to suit the purpose. As a result, each component functions the way it should, while waste is eliminated. This attention to detail reduces mis-latches, blockages and other in-hole problems as far as the conditions will allow.

Premier core barrels are available either as component parts compatible with similar products from other major suppliers, but the greatest benefit is derived from the complete assembly. As with all Premier products, our aim is to deliver more core in the box by providing reliable, thoughtfully engineered products.