Premier Mining Products

The mainstay of exploration core drilling for decades, the impregnated bit has become a commodity, available from many sources with a wide range of quality and ability. As a new supplier, Premier has to differentiate itself by developing reliable, consistent and high-performing tools which the driller will quickly recognise as something out of the ordinary.

Premier’s rich background in diamond tool metallurgy has enabled the development of processes, optimized with materials selected from around the world to deliver unique matrices with exceptional properties. The synthetic diamond at the heart of the matrix is chosen for the ideal crystal shape, size and strength for purpose. Premier works directly with the source to supply graded material from which blends are created in-house for each matrix. In the same way, metallic materials are selected and matched to the requirements of the matrix design.

The driller’s needs of high productivity and lenient operating parameters have been the focus in developing a series of five standard matrices to cover all conditions. By increasing the tolerance of each matrix to changes in formation or drilling practice, selection of the correct bit is more straightforward with no need to change a Premier bit when ground conditions vary in the hole.

Each member of the Premier impregnated series has a broad range of application, predictable response and a tolerance of changing conditions which results in higher productivity, fewer bit changes and more core in the box at the end of the shift.

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