Premier Mining Products

As a first class manufacturer of drill rods, Premier is in a position to match locking coupling threads precisely to the corresponding drill rod. The internal design has been similarly matched to the standard line of Premier core barrels, resulting in reliable latching and release.

The wear and guide pads on ring-set locking couplings and adapter couplings are available in carbide and diamond formats, depending on the demands and economics of the job. The same metallurgy and design features are used as in the Premier reaming shell.

Additionally, Premier offers plain steel adapter couplings and a line of sprayed hard metal locking couplings which provide even greater economy while performing adequately in many applications. The most advanced method of applying the hard metal has placed Premier in a position to offer both a conventional axial pad and a more stable helical form. Naturally, all locking couplings are available with or without a tang, depending on customer requirements.