Premier Mining Products

The importance of the reaming shell in maintaining direction and gauge of the hole cannot be underestimated. As the shell lasts the life of several bits and has an influence on bit performance, the selection of the best available is an investment in productivity and overall cost of the project. Costly, unproductive time reaming new bits to bottom can best be avoided by selecting the most reliable and consistent shells, made by a team that understands the important role played by the product.

The Premier reaming shell is the knowledgeable driller’s benchmark in an application where quality and reliability are valued above initial cost.

The key components in a reaming shell, diamonds and a well-matched matrix, have been selected and developed to yield a stable, long lasting product. Water channel and pad geometry have been optimised to match the requirements of today’s high penetration rates, allowing the bit to do its work without obstruction.

Premier shells are offered in a variety of lengths, depending on the specific needs of the job. Required inner tube extensions are available for all lengths greater than standard.

Standard length and straight-hole shells are available set with either natural mined diamonds or high quality synthetic diamond grit, depending on the customer’s requirements.