Premier Mining Products

Many drill sites restrict the volume of water used from local sources, so limiting the amount of water used and wasted on site becomes a critical consideration when planning a project. Designed for the diamond drilling contractor, Premier’s C100 Water and Solids Separator is ideal for small, environmentally sensitive and remote drilling operations.
The oilfield has long used sophisticated centrifuge systems to remove drill cuttings. These systems are oversized and expensive for core drilling. Premier Mining Products’ Water and Solids Separator is a centrifuge system, specifically sized for core drilling.

  • Delivers over 95% fluid recovery and solids separation to efficiently capture and reduce waste disposal volumes
  • Helicopter portable and robust design for ease of mobilization/de-mobilization
  • Variable bowl speed differential and pond dam to maximize solids separation
  • Field proven in both surface and underground applications
  • Made with high quality, tough materials for durability and long life
  • VFD drive for efficient, safe operation and control
  • Minimal vibration and noise emissions
  • High G-Force and removal efficiency


Custom built C100 Decanter Centrifuge incorporating an S750 Shale Shaker